1. Plan Your Trip to Japan
2. Arriving in Japan
3. Welcome to Narita
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1. Plan Your Trip to Japan


     Before you go to Japan

(your check points before going to Japan)

1. Visa -> Can you enter Japan?

2. The Weather -> Make sure the weather is not going to spoil your stay.
Please remember that the Weather statistics are a great thing, but the actual weather may be different from what you see on the charts. For example check the 2010 summer -> The Hottest Summer in 100 years

Japan Climate graph contributed by

3. Basic Customs Guide-> "do in Rome what Romans do" or how to respect the Japanese culture and how to avoid basic mistakes foreigners make in Japan?
Learning basic Japanese customs will help you when visiting or living in Japan. Get to know some traditions and basic etiquette in Japan.

4. The Japan Rail (JR) Free Pass. If you are planning to travel in Japan the JR free pass is a great and cheap way to explore Japan. But please do note that it cannot be purchased in Japan.

The Japan Rail Pass is a discounted ticket allowing unlimited rail travel throughout Japan over a 7, 14 or 21 consecutive day period on Japan Rail lines and affiliated buses and ferries.
It is available in either 2nd or 1st class version. The pass is valid to travel almost anywhere in Japan, along the tracks of Japan Railways.
The Japan Rail Pass can provide you with convenience and great savings, but it is a discount ticket and some restrictions on trains do apply. There are no restrictions on date or season.
-> click to download the Free Pass brochure in PDF format.